What if…


When buying a home, or when circumstances change it often throws up all of the ‘what if’ questions in your mind.

We believe it is best to plan to make the future as secure as it can be, so that again you can get on with living, and reduce worry and stress.

When you buy your mortgage it is a pertinent time to think about insurance options to cover all of those ‘what if's’.

There are so many options on the table, life insurance, mortgage insurance, income protection, and all the variations within each, that often even choosing the right cover can be overwhelming, let alone finding the right provider.

Trust us, we have all taken the extensive exams on the different types of cover, it really is a lengthy exam!

Again we aim to do the hard work for you so that you don’t have to, be it at the time that you take out your mortgage, or further down the line we will look to get the right cover, with the right provider to suit YOU.


What do we do?


We manage everything for you so that you don’t have to. We start with a chat about your circumstances, lifestyle, worries, aspirations, and then we go away and research the market on your behalf.

We will recommend the best option, discuss this with you, and then fully manage the application.

It really is that simple!


We make it less complicated!

There are so many different types of cover, it can be hugely overwhelming. When an on-going cost is involved you want to be sure your money is going in the right place.

You tell us what you want and we do the complicated part, after all, that’s our job!


It’s in the family

As a family business we like to keep it small and specialist to ensure everything remains people focused. Everything for us is about relationships.

You will have a dedicated advisor from the team so that you build up a relationship throughout the process, that being said the rest of the team are on hand anytime you need them too so there is always a friendly ear in the office.

Your mortgage is safe in our hands and with Bamford Mortgages you are getting peace of mind from one family to another.